Games History

You can view the results of previously played games only when playing in Real Money mode.

  1. Click the Menu button from the main toolbar and select Games History. The following is displayed:

    Field Description
    Games Allows filtering for a specific game played by selecting one from the drop-down menu, or selecting All to display the history of all games played.
    Period Displays the period during which the games were played. You can select games played in the last hour, day, week or month.
    Results You can select to filter the results either by games you won, games you lost or choose All to show both.
  2. The results are displayed in a table showing the date the game was played, the name of the game, the starting balance, total bet and total win. A snapshot of the game outcome is visually displayed as well on the right side of the panel.
  3. Click Enlarge for a larger view of the image.